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Hello there! My name is Mark and I am a designer from the United Kingdom. I specialise in UI/UX and web design. My experiences ranges from browser based applications to native applications on iOS and Android. 

Finding simplicity in complexities is what drives me to be the designer that I am. My belief is that there is always an easier way for user’s to interact with the web and apps, this should be paramount for all designers.

Below is a list of my areas of expertise and some of the clients/ employers I have worked with.


Web & App.


my work

some of my favourite projects...


Best of Breed - Web App

I’m currently working as the Lead designer for a Liverpool based company called Airsweb. The latest and greatest project I’m working on is designing a new UI & UX for their flagship product of the same name. It specialises in providing a simplified method of entering, tracking and reviewing QHSE data.


Safe Travel App - iOs & Android

The safe travel app allows user’s to check their car journeys against a database of safe routes. My role was to design the entire UX from the ground up and come up with a simple interface that would be the precursor of the new ‘best of breed’ web app.

TAC Developments

Corporate Web site

After providing some branding work a year ago TAC Development asked for my expertise with a company website. They are an extremely professional and passionate provider of building developments and so the website needed to reflect that. The end result proves to be quite nice!


Company Website & Booking System

This is an amazing project! Ninja Academy Snowboarding offer high level snowboard coaching in Livigno, Italy. As a huge fan of winter sports and a snowboarder in my own right I was very passionate about this. Ninja Academy needed a stylish website but also a third party booking app integrated into it. Using ‘Rezdy’ the entire booking process is a dream.


and the tools I use...

Over the years as a designer I have honed my skills and learnt to use many tools. Some will be familiar and others may be new but I combine them all to produce some of my finest work.

Sketch 3.0
Drawing & Wireframes


let’s work together...

I’m always looking for great new projects to work on and I love to hear about the ideas that people have. If you would like to work with me on an idea you have in mind I would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below or one of my social media channels.

ATTENTION: I get a lot of contact from people regarding new projects and I endeavour to answer all enquiries. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response, I’ll never ignore your messages.

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